About Us

WVONE Phones is one of the leading brands trusted by customers across UK when it comes to bad credit phones. If you’re in need of a phone contract and you have a poor credit history that might prevent your application’s approval, you came to the right place. As a member of a wide network of the best providers and suppliers, we can guarantee fast approval and affordable rates. In fact, we offer same day approval for bad credit phone deals provided that you meet all the basic requirements and has proof of sufficient income.

To date, WVONE Phones has already worked with thousands of customers across UK. We have a team of specialists who are working double time so we can find and offer you only the best phone deals tailored according to your needs. While we do not promise 100% approval rate, we can guarantee to help you find the right deal that ensures quick approval. So if you’ve ever been rejected and you want a phone contract deal today, partner with WVONE Phones and we’ll find you the right deal that you’re sure to be satisfied with.