How to Choose the Best Phone Contract Deal

Like the next person, you probably want to snag the best mobile phone deal. But with the plethora of options available, finding the right plan for your needs can be tricky and confusing. Avoid the confusion by considering these key factors when shopping around for the best phone deal.

Your needs

You can never find the right deals unless you have a clear idea of what your needs are. If you want to ensure that your phone contract deal is the best for your needs, start by taking time to assess your needs first. How much data do your need? Are you a heavy texter or a heavy caller? How often do you plan to use your Smartphone for Internet browsing? Will you use your phone for all your communication needs? These are helpful questions to help you assess your needs well.

Your budget

Donít stop with just determining your needs. Because everyone has different financial circumstances, itís also crucial to set how much you can afford prior to signing any phone deal. When you sign up for a contract phone, you will be committing to a monthly fee for the next 24 months. Missing payments or delaying with payments can mean bad news for your credit score. This is why itís important to know the budget and stick with it when shopping for the best phone contract plan.

Your handset choice

Knowing what type of handset you want also helps when shopping for the best contract phone deal. By doing your research first, it will be easier to compare and choose a deal that is tailored for your circumstance. If you have good credit, getting the latest mobile phone should be easy. Itís a different story, however, if you have bad credit. Since your credit rating is poor or bad, youíd be better off choosing less expensive smartphones to guarantee your applicationís approval.

Other considerations

Other than your budget, needs and handset option, there are other key considerations to keep in mind when looking for the best phone contract deal. They include the following:

Carrier reputation

To narrow down your carrier options, you can do so by checking the carrierís reputation. How long is the carrier in business? What do customers have to say about their service in general? You can read customer reviews or seek recommendations from people you know. Obviously, you need to stick with a carrier that is renowned for their excellent service and affordable rates. For more info on the best carrierís in the UK head over to IB Times.


When choosing your phone deal, your carrierís coverage is also very important. Not all carriers have excellent coverage throughout UK. EE may offer the best coverage in some areas but not necessarily in your area. To make the most of your phone services, make sure your carrier offers the best coverage for your respective location or area.

Hidden Fees

And letís not forget about hidden fees. Unlike with Pay As You Go deals, phone contract deals come with hidden fees and other charges that can spike your monthly bill. If you donít want to pay extra charges, make sure you ask about hidden fees. Call customer service for more info or read the fine print.